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For Brands

Real-time data. Real-time answers. Real-time action.

Datasembly provides access to billions of grocery & retail pricing and assortment records aggregated from hundreds of online and brick & mortar retailers.

Real Time

find problems and take action now, not weeks later.


Visibility down to a single store.


From bird’s eye view to the most specific observation. All at your fingertips.


Intelligence and insights accessible to everyone who needs it, not just data analysts

The best data = The best insights.

The more data is averaged over time or geographies, the more impossible it becomes to truly understand and influence the marginal buyer of retail goods.

Every Product, Every Store, Every Day

Consumer demand for a seamless online/offline retail experience is driving unprecedented pricing transparency. This enables a new level of visibility into localized retailer pricing competition and promotion strategies.

"68% Of Shoppers 'Click And Collect,' Or Buy Online And Pick Up In-Store"

Tim Robinson - CEO of Doddle

Use Case:

  • Understand retailer competition impacting prices at a store level
  • Real-time promotional compliance
  • Track the duration and scope of out of stock items
  • Uncover potential distribution issues



Manual Sampling

Manual Sampling

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Exhaustive Automation

Exhaustive Automation

Infrequent Data

Infrequent Data


Real-time Updates

Real-time Updates

Averaged Results

Averaged Results

Map of USA
 Map of USA

Hyper-local Granularity

Hyper-local Granularity

For Retailers

Datasembly empowers retailers to make data-driven decisions about prices, promotions and assortment in real time.

Datasembly provides visibility into pricing and availability data through our intuitive platform that is built to solve real-world problems and deliver immediate insights. Datasembly’s pricing, assortment and availability data can also be combined with your other data sources to provide an unprecedented analytics capability around price elasticity, impact of promotions etc to bring your relationship with your customers into clear focus.

"71% of US shoppers have used Click and Collect in the past 12 months"

CNBC - January 2016

Improve Strategic Revenue Management:

Better pricing intelligence improves strategic decision making capabilities & increases revenue

  • Hyper-local price tracking reveals previously missed regional trends, and localized pricing & promotion experiments.
  • Gain insight into retailers and QSRs that do not participate in traditional syndicated data.
  • Understand price deltas with key competitors on a localized level.
  • Private label price tracking for improved understanding of complex retailer strategies.
  • Promotion tracking for your private label products and  brand products in near real time enables more efficient use of inventory.
  • Better predict seasonal trends of pricing and distribution.
  • Communicate more clearly internally and with partners regarding competitive pricing strategies.
  • View historic trends and measure reaction to changes in commodity prices.
  • Identify emerging new items from brands and private label.

Provide Enhanced Store Management:

Real-time store level data about pricing and assortment at the stores surrounding each of the retailer’s stores

  • Category Management – precise retail execution based on the most recent data from every store
  • Assortment planning – help with assortment reviews based on actual assortment at neighboring stores
  • Retail pricing support tailored to retailer’s local market and competitive needs
  • Hybrid Pricing Strategy – optimise in-store price reduction programs.
  • Weekly Offers – targeted to regional markets and location demographics and review against local competitors
  • Quickly visualize real-time competitive promotions by CPG, retailer, metro area, and promotion type.

Private Label Product Launches & Seasonality:

Improve strategy and execution of seasonal items, and new product launches

  • Better understanding of the competitive landscape enables better strategic decision making.
  • Empower category managers to negotiate by sharing competitive data through Datasembly, which is totally shareable because our data is sourced from publicly-available sources.
  • Track pricing on new product launches in real time improving  execution of strategy
  • How did your teams execute the launch strategy at all stores?
  • Tracking competitive items during launch and respond to changes in-market.

For Analytics Firms

Datasembly helps Analytics firms spot emerging disruptors and innovators or suffering incumbents.

Quickly identify new items and their distribution. Follow how existing items are discounted or promoted. See how incumbents respond with innovative items. Get all this information as it happens, at the most granular level.

Pricing data no matter how complex, volatile, or difficult to acquire

We provide accurate, normalized pricing data to top-tier analytics firms. Our technology allows us to collect and provide quality pricing data where it was not practical or possible before.

The best analytics start with the best data

There is a common misconception that in the field of pricing analytics the data is commoditized and the analytics are provide differentiation. The advantage of having access to the best, most localized, most real-time data is enormous in this field, and provides immediate value.

"The US could see the biggest ramp up in online groceries adoption, from 8% last year to 26% in 2016 for fresh groceries."

AlphaWise / Morgan Stanley Research

Use Case:

  • Understand retailer competition impacting prices at a store level
  • Real-time promotional compliance
  • Track the duration and scope of out of stock items
  • Uncover potential distribution issues