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Datasembly harvests billions of grocery and retail pricing records each week aggregated from over 100 retailers and QSRs.

This data is hyper-local, highly volatile, and notoriously difficult to collect, especially at massive scale. Our proprietary technology accomplishes this, then leverages natural language processing and machine learning techniques to transform massive amounts of disparate data into the organized information that powers our solution for CPGs, retailers and QSRs.
Datasembly’s data is collected from publicly available sources. This enables unprecedented transparency and a new level of discussion between retailers, your partners and suppliers.

Turning this

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huge volumes of heterogeneous data



into normalized, usable data



unprecedented visibility & intelligence - with a single click

Data at any scale

Our platform is engineered from the ground up to collect the most disparate pricing data from a rapidly growing array of stores, retailers, and delivery platforms.


Our normalization and cleansing process leverages natural language processing and machine learning techniques that differentiates us from the competition.

No Standard? No Problem!

Turning text like “Buy One Get One” into standardized pricing and matching products across hundreds of retailers across the web, all while handling missing or incorrect data, requires a specialized solution that must also work at massive scale.